Cruise and Maritime Discovery Cruise Ship

Once featured (as the Island Princess) on the popular television sitcom The Love Boat, the Discovery has sailed the world in its over 40 years of service, and in early 2013 will embark on a 249-day voyage under the sponsorship of Cruise and Maritime Cruises.

A “mid-range” cruise ship (168 metres in length, 8 decks), the Discovery can accommodate over 1,000 passengers and crew, and its 4 diesel engines provide smooth sailing regardless of conditions. The Discovery’s range is nearly limitless, with regular excursions including the Baltic and Mediterranean, India, Antarctica and North Africa, as well as westward to the Caribbean and South America.

Noted for frequenting “off-the-beaten-path” destinations, the Discovery embellishes its classic Old World atmosphere with just the right touch of modern amenities. The Carousel Lounge features splendid entertainment for travelers, while the Discovery’s reputation for exquisite cuisine from any of its many restaurants and buffets is at the top of the industry. Voyagers are pampered by a number of “personal facilities” including swimming pools, whirlpools, a fully-equipped gymnasium, and massage and beauty-care facilities. The Discovery’s open decks are custom-made for lounging, with panoramic views being unavoidable.

World class cuisine, top-line entertainment, unmatched scenery and dedicated service with classic British style are all hallmark characteristics of a Cruise and Maritime Cruise aboard the Discovery.