Cruise and Maritime

A relative newcomer to the cruise industry, Cruise and Maritime Voyages has nonetheless quickly proven that its services are second-to-none and has become one of the world’s most-respected cruise lines. Headquartered in Dartford. U.K., Cruise and Maritime specialises in providing holiday getaways aboard smaller and mid-sized ships. The company feels that providing its clientele with a more personal and intimate experience is a very unique approach, and the results, especially from satisfied customers, speaks for itself.

Cruise and Maritime caters to a more adult market, avoiding the newer “bells and whistles” template that frequently distracts serious travelers from the original idea, which is to enjoy a leisurely and entertaining getaway. This isn’t to infer that Cruise and Maritime is a “no-frills” endeavour. Quite the contrary, as the company takes a backseat to no other when it comes to entertainment, dining and providing the utmost in amenities.

Cruise and Maritime’s port-of-calls also demonstrate their global outlook, as regular destinations include Scandinavia, the Mediterranean and Baltic, the British Isles and the Caribbean. Lengthy shore calls are another of Cruise and Maritime’s signature benefits, as it understands their traveler’s desire to fully experience their destinations without feeling rushed or held to a strict timetable.

Departure ports for Cruise and Maritime include Newcastle, Liverpool, Hull and Edinburgh.