DFDS Seaways, Princess Seaways

ferry newcastle amsterdam, princess seaways

DFDS Seaways, Princess Seaways

Daily, overnight service from Newcastle to Amsterdam (Ijmuiden). Return and One-Way crossings available.


Current Position of Princess Seaways, Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam

Princess Seaways, Ferry Newcastle Amsterdam

One of DFDS’ more popular passenger offerings is Princess Seaways, a cruise-ferry operating between Port of Tyne, Newcastle, U.K. and IJmuiden, The Netherlands.

Originally a German ship, built in 1986 and named the Peter Pan, she served two other companies prior to being obtained by DFDS in 2006. After being repainted and upgraded, she was renamed the Princess Seaways in 2011. The daily routes of the twin Seaways alternate between Newcastle and the Netherlands.

With a length of 161 metres and width of 27 metres, the Princess presents an impressive sight on the horizon. Passenger capacity for its 501 cabins is 1,600 people, and despite an average cruising speed of 20 knots, few other cruise ships can match it for either comfort or performance.

Princess Seaways “sister” cruise-ferry line, King Seaways, originated in 1987 as MS Nils Holgersson, before being acquired by DFDS in 2006 and re-christened the King of Scandanavia. In early 2011, she received new paintwork and was renamed King Seaways.

The Princess specialises in the “mini-cruise,” which has proven to be especially desirable for “off-season” travelers, or just those wishing to avoid the sometimes overwhelming crowds that the lengthier “regular” cruises contain. Also, with shorter days and the winter season fast approaching, an extended break may not fit into many traveler’s agendas. In those instances what better way to get in a much-needed break than to embark on a 2-4 night mini-cruise? The mini-cruise offers the same amenities and customer comfort benefits of the longer excursions, but without the hustle and bustle of the extended tour. Rather than feeling “herded” and rushed through each port-of-call, Newcastle mini-cruises give travelers more than enough leisure time to explore and appreciate the surroundings.