DFDS Seaways

DFDS Seaways is one of Europe’s largest and most prestigious shipping companies, headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 1866 by C. F. Tietgen, DFDS is one of the continent’s busiest and well-respected, with twenty-five regular routes serving the Baltic and North Seas along its transportation network, providing freight as well as passenger service across Northern Europe. The company currently has offices in twenty countries and has over 5,000 employees.

Ferry Routes

Mini Cruises

With more than fifty ships, DFDS is continually upgrading and refitting their fleet, both commercial and passenger. The company has earned a world-wide reputation as being adept at locating, purchasing and rebuilding used ships for its fleet, as well as becoming a global leader in contracting, designing and building new ships for other companies.

Even though the company originated as a seafaring shipping provider, DFDS doesn’t limit its services exclusively to the water. All of Northern Europe receives goods and equipment professionally and reliably via DFDS’ trucking and railway transport systems. Virtually every European multinational organisation has benefitted from DFDS’s expertise in the secure transport and delivery of their product, whether it be by land or sea.

DFDS, with its dedication to unmatched customer service, support and satisfaction, offers the ideal transport solution for any company, regardless of size or logistical issues.