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About Black Watch

The Boudicca’s sister ship, the Black Watch is similarly-sized as well as sharing much of the same lineage. Named for the fearless infantry battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland, the Black Watch was obtained by Fred. Olsen Cruises in 1996, undergoing significant refurbishing in 2005.

As with the Boudicca, the Black Watch is very popular among older patrons, and its ambience reflects an earlier, less-rushed era when a cruise was an “event” rather than a means to transport (as quickly as possible) from one point to another. The Black Watch has become renowned for its always-popular “theme” cruises, with appropriate decor port destination-related. The Neptune Lounge is the centre of the Black Watch’s shipboard entertainment, and depending on destination, travelers may be entertained (as well as participate) in Russian or Flamenco-style dancing, cabaret productions, etc. Several restaurants are positioned throughout the Black Watch, as well as smaller buffets and cosy lounges and bars.

To ensure their older clientele enjoy ease-of-access, the Black Watch is appropriately outfitted with helpful accessories throughout, and its fitness centre (spa, massage room, exercise room) is staffed with friendly, helpful professionals whose task (always delivered in classic understated British style) is to make their patrons’ experience a pleasurable and enjoyable one.