Mini Cruises from Newcastle

Latest Mini Cruises from Newcastle. If a lengthy cruise doesn’t really fit into your schedule then why not choose from one of the many 2-4 night mini-cruises sailing from Newcastle. DFDS Seaways offer a great selection of short cruise breaks from the UK to Europe.

If a lengthy cruise doesn’t really fit into your schedule, or if you feel the need for just a short break from the everyday grind, perhaps a mini-cruise from Newcastle is more to your liking. Daily mini-cruises from Newcastle are becoming more and more popular during the holiday “off-season” for several reasons. One, in general, the mini-cruises are less crowded and the traveling parties tend to be smaller, with the majority of parties being couples or small families. Two, with a shorter length break, you can plan your itinerary more fully, rather than catching bits and pieces of this or that attraction as well as not having to fight the large crowds. Three, Newcastle mini-cruises launch daily and follow a regular schedule of stops whereas on many larger, traditional cruises,quite often it’s “hit or miss.

The same amenities and services which are a part of the larger cruises also apply to Newcastle mini-cruises. Superb hospitality and entertainment are standard features of the mini-cruises, and the scenery is just as spectacular. Two and three night cruises are available, depending on your desire. Most stops are eight hours in duration, giving the visitor more than ample time and opportunity to explore their “port of call” without feeling “rushed.”

Amsterdam has long been one of Europe’s most-favored destinations, both for holiday and for a short, much-needed break. Take the Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry and find a city as enjoyable as there is anywhere. Amsterdam’s endless choices of attractions has few, if any equal when it comes to providing an enjoyable break.

If art and history are among your interests, the Museumplein (Museum Square) contains the Rijksmuseum, which is the National Museum of the Netherlands. An entire day could easily be spent walking among the displays of classic artworks and exhibitions. Nearby, easily within walking distance, visitors are treated to the matchless works of the famous Dutch master at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam’s most-visited museum. For those with an eye for precious stones, Coster Diamonds is an absolute must-see.

Opened in 1895, the Stedelijk Museum houses fine art and collectibles from around the world, including one of the most extensive antique collections found anywhere. Rare items of not only Dutch historical significance but also of European interest occupy the Stedelijk’s unique floors. Opened in 1960, the Anne Frank House is a museum honoring the World War II-era Jewish girl who touched millions of hearts with her diary account of persecution and discrimination.

These examples are merely a tiny fraction of Amsterdam’s attractions, and nearly all of them are easily taken in within the time-frame of a Newcastle mini-cruise’s “land-time.” A minimum of planning and preparation is all that’s required of the “short-break” visitor for an experience that won’t soon be forgotten.

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