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DFDS Seaways provide the Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry Crossing which runs daily. The crossing departs Newcastle at 17:00, is an overnight crossing, and arrives at Amsterdam (Ijmuiden) the next again morning.

You can take your car, caravan, motorcycle and bikes with you. DFDS Seaways also cater for your pets if you want to take them along too. Perhaps you’d like to do this and save yourself the bother of finding someone to look after your dog or cat.

Ships – DFDS Seaways has two ships that sail between the UK and Holland. They are the King Seaways and the Princess Seaways.

Situated on the River Tyne’s north bank just 8 miles (13km) from Newcastle is the town of North Shields, or, as the locals call it, Shields. The region’s only international ferry terminal is located at Royal Quays. The Newcastle Ferry has connections throughout the Baltic, specialising in ferries from Newcastle to Amsterdam, as well as to Norway.

Ferries from Newcastle travel daily between the international ferry terminal and Amsterdam in both directions. Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most exciting and cosmopolitan cities, a feast for every sense. The rich cultural heritage of the Dutch is on display at every turn with elegant architecture and bridges crossing the city’s ubiquitous canals. Amsterdam is the diamond centre of Europe and it’s nightlife is never-ending. The Van Gogh and Rijks Museum by themselves are worth the visit.

With over 4 million visitors annually, Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most-visited destinations. The city centre offers something for everyone regardless of age or background. Open air markets have long been a standard in Amsterdam, and the city’s canals provide a romantic change-of-pace rarely experienced anywhere else. Amsterdam is also one of Europe’s fashion centres, with some of the world’s most innovative and exciting designers displaying their creations. Besides the Van Gogh and the Rijks museums, Amsterdam also features museums dedicated to handbags, cats, cinematography and Rembrandt.

The ferry from Newcastle to Amsterdam disembarks at IJmuiden, which is the largest fishing port in the Netherlands. It’s also the site of one of early Europe’s most ambitious and successful engineering accomplishments, the North Sea Canal, which links Amsterdam’s harbours to the open sea. The North Sea Locks are also an attraction of Ijmuiden, and their implementation greatly increased traffic and tourism. IJmuiden literally means (in Dutch) “mouth of the IJ” or bay.

There are several Newcastle ferry routes from the Royal Quay Docks: the crossing from Newcastle takes an average of 16 hours sailing time; Newcastle to Bergen averages 26 hours per trip, while the Newcastle to Stavanger averages 18 and a half hours.

Ferries from Newcastle are luxurious and leisurely. For the traveler looking for a relaxing getaway or for a family looking to enjoy splendid scenery with history at every turn, the Newcastle ferry is an opportunity for an unforgettable excursion.

A ferry is usually a boat used to transport passengers, although larger ferry services utilise ships. The ships can also transport cargo or vehicles across bodies of water. Ferry services are primarily used as public transport for seaside locales between area cities, providing a much lower cost than the expense involved in building bridges and/or tunnels. Some of the world’s largest cruiseferries travel regularly through the Baltic Sea, connecting northern England with Estonia, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands and Sweden.

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Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry Crossing

Daily, overnight service from Newcastle to Amsterdam (Ijmuiden). Return and One-Way crossings available.

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