Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry

DFDS Seaways provide the Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry Crossing which runs daily. The crossing departs Newcastle at 17:00, is an overnight crossing, and arrives at Amsterdam (Ijmuiden) the next again morning. You can take your car, caravan, motorcycle and bikes with you. DFDS Seaways also cater for your pets if you want to take them along too. Perhaps you’d like to do this and save yourself the bother of finding someone to look after your dog or cat.

Ships – DFDS Seaways has two ships that sail between the UK and Holland. They are the King Seaways and the Princess Seaways. The King Seaways can accommodate over 1,500 passengers and has great on-board facilities including bars, restaurants, shops and a casino. The Princess Seaways, sister ship to the King Seaways, can accommodate 1,350 passengers including excellent restaurants, bars and on-board entertainment including a dance troupe.

Entertainment – The on-board entertainment is designed to make your crossing as comfortable and interesting as possible. This should really help to make the journey pass by really quickly. The Columbus Club is a nightclub that offers live music in a bar setting. There is a Casino were you can play roulette, blackjack or if you prefer there’s card tables and fruit machines. Film and Cinema buffs can catch up on the latest releases in the Cinema. And the Kid’z Club is there to look after the children’s need.

Amsterdam – Renowned for its canals, elegant architecture, entertainment venues and world-famous museums, among many other features, Amsterdam is a sight-seer’s dream. No other metropolitan area in Europe is as favored for both holiday breaks and weekend getaways as this Dutch delight. Departing daily, ferries from Newcastle to Amsterdam provide a mixture of relaxation and enjoyment sure to satisfy any traveler.

Art lovers could easily spend days touring any of Amsterdam’s many museums, which are home to some of Europe’s most beloved and priceless masterpieces. With over 50 museums in Amsterdam alone, finding one that caters to any individual’s interests is remarkably simple. The city’s network of canals offer a most unique transportation opportunity found in very few places, and is an experience never to be forgotten. For entertainment, the sheer numbers and variety of the downtown centre area cannot be equalled. World-renowned musical performers list Amsterdam as one of their favorite venues to visit and perform in. Visitors should never be surprised at the acts they’ll see at any of Amsterdam’s many club venues.

Blessed with a rich, traditional heritage, the Dutch have also long been known for their friendly hospitality and willingness to welcome visitors. An extremely tolerant and open-minded people, the Dutch have one of Europe’s most diversified cultures due to it’s unique population demographics. It is nearly impossible to travel anywhere else and experience as much of a “smorgasbord” of languages, races and cultures as in Amsterdam. Just one more “plus” for considering a Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry getaway.

For shopping, Amsterdam’s charming villages offer some of Europe’s most exciting opportunities for finding bargains. Part of the charm is the wide variety: nestled among the “name” retailers are just as many “mom and pop” kiosks which feature local treats, including confectionaries, wines, local arts and crafts, and of course, the ubiquitous tulips. The Dutch are famous for their expertise with dairy products, particularly cheeses. The many restaurants in the downtown area are also dizzyingly diverse. Amsterdam’s shopping centres also feature many “upscale” retailers specialising in fine jewelry and the latest in fashion from some of the world’s most famous and “cutting-edge” designers. The Dutch have long been recognised for their expertise and knowledge in and of diamonds, and some of the finest examples are on display.

When a mid-winter break is in the cards, a Newcastle to Amsterdam ferry has always been a favourite, and with the economy improving, it’s not only beneficial health and sanity-wise, it makes sense financially to look in one’s virtual “backyard” for that much-needed getaway.

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Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry

Daily, overnight service from Newcastle to Amsterdam (Ijmuiden). Return and One-Way crossings available.


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