Newcastle to Norway Ferry

If you’re looking for the direct Newcastle to Norway Ferry then the bad news is DFDS Seaways no longer offer this crossing. The good new is there are a couple of alternatives. Let’s look at the options:

Option 1 – Newcastle to Amsterdam to Norway

The first option is to take the Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry and then drive from Holland to Norway. The crossing departs Newcastle at 17:00, is an overnight crossing, and arrives in Amsterdam the next again morning. You can take your car, caravan, motorcycle and bikes with you. For full details click on the link below.

newcastle amsterdam

Newcastle to Amsterdam Ferry Crossing

Daily, overnight service from Newcastle to Amsterdam (Ijmuiden). Return and One-Way crossings available.


Option 2 – Harwich to Esbjerg to Norway

The second and perhaps better alternative is to travel from Harwich to Denmark using the Harwich to Esbjerg Ferry. It’s an overnight ferry that gets you to Denmark at 13:00 the following day. Once in Denmark you can then drive to Norway, or alternatively take a further Ferry from Denmark to Oslo using the Copenhagen to Oslo Ferry. For full details click on the links below.

harwich esbjerg ferry

Harwich to Esbjerg (Denmark)

2 night mini cruise to Denmark from Harwich.

copenhagen oslo ferry

Copenhagen to Oslo Ferry

2 night mini cruise to Oslo from Copenhagen

For an adventure full of breath-taking scenery you’ll not find anywhere else, consider a Newcastle to Norway ferry for your next break. After the recent winter that Europe has endured, a ferry to Norway from Newcastle provides a respite from the drudgery and bitter weather that could be the perfect remedy for the “Winter Blues.”

Norway has some of the world’s most pristine, unspoiled terrain in the world, and Norwegians are fiercely proud of their natural resources. A country with unusual mixtures of both the old and the new, Norway never ceases to amaze and enthrall visitors. One of Norway’s most distinctive features, naturally, is the wide variety of landscapes, quite often changing quickly and dramatically around each turn.

Of course, the fjords along the coastlines are the first thing most visitors think of when Norway comes to mind, but they are just the proverbial tip of the iceberg when it comes to attractions in this somewhat isolated country. If you’re interested in Newcastle to Norway Fjordland Cruise.

On the Newcastle to Norway ferry, the first thing travelers notice is the blinding brilliance (don’t forget sunglasses) of the snow-peaked mountains which often stretch right down to the coastline. On the cruise, visitors are treated to awe-inspiring scenic vistas, including blue-green lakes easily visible between the mountains, with the fjords, also a brilliant blue-green extending out into the sea. There aren’t many more excellent locales for photographers in all of Europe. Savvy travelers bring multiple cameras because one isn’t nearly enough to capture the beauty and variety.

A popular destination once in Norway is Bergen, the country’s second-largest city, located on the southwestern coast. Bergen possesses a very unique geography by being nestled among what is known as the Seven Mountains, which dominate the city’s skyline and is dramatically a part of any Newcastle to Bergen ferry cruise. One of Bergen’s most popular tourist attractions is Fløibanen, which is an inclined railway that regularly climbs Fløyen mountain. Opened in 1918, Fløibanen attracts over a million visitors annually, and is professionally-staffed with all conceivable amenities. Bergen’s city centre is notable for its’ many churches, some over 500 years old, with St. Mary’s Church dating back to 1180.

Another popular cruise destination in Norway is Kristiansand, which has been a settlement since at least 400 AD. Kristiansand’s gorgeous skyline is a prominent feature of any Newcastle to Kristiansand ferry, and as throughout Norway, the blue-green fjords dazzle the eyes. Kristiansand has become noted for being a city of festivals for the numerous music, art and film festivals that are locally hosted. Another popular attraction is the Kristiansand Zoo and Amusement Park, noted for having one of Scandinavia’s largest exotic animal collections.

The Newcastle to Stavanger ferry is another treat for the eyes of visitors. Founded in 1125, Stavanger is home to the Stavanger Cathedral, Norway’s oldest. Gothic architecture is a feature of the cathedral, and the surrounding grounds are renowned for their colorful, impeccably-tended gardens.

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