Plans to re-open Newcastle to Norway Ferry Route

A fresh bid to restore the Newcastle to Norway Ferry has been made by a private firm, local councils and Norwegian investors, according to the The Journal.

The route, which was formerly run by DFDS Seaways, was closed in 2008 following sharp competition from cheap airlines.

The bid if successful would see Norwegian Seaways, formerly Albion Lines (an Essex-based company) take over the route. The bid is backed by both North Tyneside Council and Newcastle Council.

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  1. Can t wait for this to re open. i think you ll be surprised at the amount of mountain bikers using the service in summertime!

  2. Absolutely Carl, I used the Newcastle to Amsterdam route last month and was surprised at the number of cyclists on board. Fingers crossed they get Newcastle Norway route operating soon.

  3. Chris Wren says:

    am a cyclist and would welcome this,would love to do the bergen – voss sportiv.

  4. Christian Jensen says:

    Seriously hoping for this to return for next year, as I have relatives in Norway, and have toured many times with my parents through the western side of Norway over the years, I am really excited about these prospects. Can’t beat a relaxed trip over to Norway in your own vehicle to then be greeted by the beauty and culture that is Norway. Definitely will be going again next year if the route starts again.

  5. We can’t wait for this service to re-open. My family have travelled on this route for many years, since 1966. We now have family and friends in Hordaland, who would use the ferry. In fact next summer our son is having to drive round the North Sea to visit us in Yorkshire! We will be the first in the queue at north Shields.

  6. Keith Strowger says:

    As a frequent traveller to Norway I too look forward to the reopening of the Bergen ferry. However,if this is near to opening up again could I suggest that a campaign is started to advertise the route by the new company. They should employ a good PR company (there are a number of good ones in Bergen) to promote this wonderful journey. It is especially memorable travelling from Stavanger to Bergen via Haugesund.
    Please give us approximate dates so that we can start organizing our holidays!!

  7. I would love to see this ferry back on and running again, as I work in bergen, I am dying to take my motorbike across, and spend some of my downtime travelling this beautiful country, and taking in all it has to offer, on two wheels

  8. Hilton Davis says:

    Just as we were considering booking a trip on the DFDS Ferry to Norway, they closed the route. Since then we have visited Norway on a proper cruise… and loved it. We would be very interested to see the route re-open. We’ve been to Amsterdam twice from Tyneside by sea and going to Norway by Ferry again would be a welcome opportunity.

  9. Brian jones says:

    I used this ferry to Stavanger 2/3 times each year since 1984, was shocked and dismayed when is stopped, WHY?, it was almost always full!! Come back soon.

  10. What’s the latest state of play regarding the possible resumption
    of Newcastle – Bergen ferry?

  11. The latest news is that this route will be restored within 2014.
    We now have investors ready, all we need is a suitable ship.

    • Solfrid Holloway says:

      I am so pleased to hear this! Can not wait. I do hope that a stop in Stavanger is planned. Because of the fiords Bergen is a way out for travelling in the south.

      • Latest news:

        2/3 of all money needed is on board.
        That’s 3 million pounds still missing, and the total cost is about 9 millions.
        Norwegian Seaways have now gathered 6 millions, and they have a meeting now in Stavanger today, in about 30 minutes from now (14:00/2:00 Norwegian Time).

        They will discuss every detail on the vessel which is going to be used, and they will put on display the suggestions of the time tables for the routes. Finally there is some progress here. To see a picture of the ferry planned for use, click the link:

  12. Graham Chapman says:

    Best news i have heard, My son and family live in Norway will be able to see more of my grand children if it stops in Stavanger come on get it together PLEASE!!

  13. I had not realised it had been so long since I updated you all here, appologies all.
    The latest news is that Norwegian Seaways Ltd (NSL) have come through the latest round of funding negotiations. I attended meetings with NSL on 4th and 26th November and those meetings were nothing but positive. There is another meeting scheduled for Jan 2015 when I hope to bring more good news, and who knows, maybe even a launch date!


  14. Trev – that’s great news. Sounds like NSL has got some traction now. Please keep us updated, keen to hear how things go in Jan 2015.

    • Sure thing admin.

      I had some fantastic news last week that I’m itching to share with everyone, but I can’t just yet because commercial interests have to be protected and I’m not going to betray the trust placed in me with this news. Our next meeting with NSL in January is quite important because it is the pre-cursor to a VERY important meeting shortly after. If this second meeting goes well it will certainly be a time for celebration!

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