Port of Tyne Cranes Get Sun Visors

With all the rain and cloudy weather in the North East, you’d think that there wouldn’t be much need for sun visors on crane windows in the Port of Tyne. But you’d be wrong…

Local business, Solar Solve Marine, has won an order to fit 12 SOLAROLA anti glare sun visors to 4 of the Port of Tyne’s Crane Cabs.

Port of Tyne is at the heart of trade in the North East and the crane’s play an essential role in handling heavy cargoes in the Port. The crane’s have to handle a variety of products including grain, scrap steel, forest products and coal.

John Lightfoot MBE, Solar Solve’s chairman commented, “Our facility is located within the port and we see these cranes in action every day, moving tens of thousands of tonnes a week between them. The crane operators had been troubled by glare from the summer sunshine and approached Solar Solve for a solution. Because of the very tight space restrictions inside the crane cabs, the self-lock SOLAROLA screens were installed and have subsequently been very effective when in use. Naturally we were very happy to help.”

Source: Maritime-Executive.com

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